Kupidon SP is a company for foreign and home trade founded in 1999 in Leskovac. Our primary business activities are exports and sales of raw materials for pharmaceutical, veterinarian, food and cosmetics industries.
Ever since our foundation we have aspired towards providing our customers with relevant information and counseling and, in particular, with the raw materials of good quality, thus taking active part in strengthening their business activities. For that reason, for years we have been doing our best to be as flexible, cooperative and available to our customers as possible and to support their development by providing the timely information.
Besides the provision of the first-class raw materials, our basic qualities are further reflected through our flexible conditions of payment, regular deliveries, provision of useful information and counseling, prompt exports following the enquiry, contracted storage of goods in our warehouses, as well as our kind employees being available 24/7.
Our vision for the future relies on the continual expansion of our business activities and acquiring new customers at home and abroad, along with the creation of mutual trust, which is, you will agree, the key of the business success.
Throughout these past years we have been accomplishing and are still accomplishing successful cooperation with numerous successful manufacturers in the domain of pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries at home and abroad, whereas in the domain of suppliers we have signed contracts and developed enviable cooperation with many renowned foreign manufacturers and raw material traders.
It's our pleasure to inform you that our company has been certified with ˝Excellent SME˝ certificate by ˝Chamber of commerce and industry of Serbia˝ which put us on the list of the most successful and reliable companies in Serbia.
Chamber of commerce and industry of Serbia certifies that the company owing this website, satisfies the criteria for certification. Cartification basis is credit report and regular monitoring from COFACE Serbia credit reporting house.